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Maywood Christian School provides academic excellence in a Christian atmosphere with an educational program that develops a student's intellectual, social and spiritual growth. Welcome to the 2019/20 School year. Maywood Christian School offers an educational program using the School of Tomorrow curriculum from Pre-Kinder to High School. We believe that our children should have careful instruction leading them to an ability to read with understanding, write and speak clearly and accurately, with emphasis on the individual needs of each student by goal oriented achievement. Each student is diagnostically tested and prescribed curriculum at their individual academic level and according to their chronological age. Our objectives are:


  • Assist each child in discovering and developing his God-given talents.
  • Promote self discipline.
  • Assist each child in seeking his purpose for life's service.
  • Compensate for inadequate educational background.
  • Eliminate failure.
  • Provide better opportunities to meet individual differences.
  • Help each child to honor the Lord.
  • Build family unity and loyalty centered around the person of Jesus Christ.

Principal:Pastor Melvin Valiente

Vice Principal: Ms. Michelle Cubias

School Counselor by referral only: Pastor Ada Valiente

3759 E. 57th Street, Maywood - CA 90270

(323) 585-3167

E-mail: maywood@live.com

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3759 E. 57th St - Maywood, CA 90270 Phone: (323) 585-3167